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Freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew.
(Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Practice Areas

In my professional career I learned that a lawyer should never avoid any area of law, since they are intertwined in real life – despite the specialization trends and more and more extensive legislation – and that a certain interdisciplinarity is necessary. As a traditional independent attorney I would like to offer a complete support to my clients in every aspect of their lives in all areas of law. If after the initial meeting with a client I determine that according to the issue and given time I cannot take over the case, I will point that out to the client and try to direct them to someone who can help them.


Practice Areas


As far as my work experience is concerned, I had the opportunity to work in very diverse fields of banking. At my first job at the bank I dealt with legal proceedings (execution proceedings, civil proceedings, insolvency proceedings, proceedings regarding the land register) and different aspects of banking law. At my second job at the bank I was working mostly with collateral securities and I acquired an in-depth knowledge of the work with the land register, transfer of property, mortgages, manners of collateral securities for acquisition of companies, etc.


I continued with even more diverse fields of work at the Law firm Miro Senica and attorneys. My main occupation was civil law (property law, law of obligation, family law, law of inheritance, land registry law, compensation law and contract law). I also gained experience in representing clients in court hearings in contentious and non-contentious proceedings. I also dealt with cases in the field of commercial law (bankruptcy proceedings, composition proceedings, civil bankruptcy proceedings, regulation of business of bodies governed by public law, cooperation in the context of thorough judicial reviews), social security law, criminal law (defending of persons charged, representation in private criminal actions, enforcing indemnification claims), misdemeanor law and administrative law, including bringing an action before the Administrative Court and inspection procedures, and procedures before the Constitutional Court, etc.


As I already mentioned, I would like to offer a complete legal support to my clients. The areas of my practice are listed in detail on the first page.


Clients who need permanent lawyer’s or attorney’s help are offered a contract for flat-rate payment for rendering services. We agree on the manner and amount of payment individually, depending on the foreseen scope and method of work. This is particularly suitable for companies, since they are offered a constant legal support without having to conclude an employment contract for the services. The contract for flat-rate payment enables our law firm to replace or assist the legal department of a company or other entity. If you are interested in this kind of services you can contact me to make arrangements for our cooperation.


I believe that it is not entirely true that a person needs an attorney only in unfavorable and unpleasant situations in life. Most of these situations can be avoided or at least mitigated if a person receives legal advice, explanation or complete legal support on time. It is therefore possible that there will be no disputes arising from a contract if it is drawn up appropriately; that people will not enter in a certain business relation if they are advised against it; that people will not miss a legally prescribed deadline if they are warned about it and will therefore not lose a certain right.


If you feel a certain situation is not clear to you, I would strongly recommend you to consult an attorney. You can also ask your question using the form on this web site.

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