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Freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew.
(Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Main Practice Areas

Civil Law:

  • Drawing up and revision of contracts (sales contracts, lease agreements, preliminary contracts, etc.);

  • Checking and managing land register state;

  • Representation in civil proceedings;

  • Representation and counseling in family law proceedings (divorce, child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, marital property division);

  • Representation in inheritance proceedings, arrangements after inheritance procedures, drawing up testaments and agreements as to succession;

  • Claims for damages, lawsuits for compensation payments;

  • Representation in non-contentious proceedings (division of property, determining land boundaries, strata title);

  • Representation in execution proceedings and civil bankruptcy proceedings;

  • Property law (right of possession, disturbance of possession, prescription, easement, right of superficies, mortgage and lien, land charge).

Criminal Law:

  • Representation of persons charged in criminal procedures;

  • Representation of persons suffering damage;

  • Drawing up indemnification claims;

  • Representation in police and pre-trial criminal procedures;

  • Representation in minor offence proceedings.

Administrative Law:

  • Representation in administrative procedures (issue of building permits, civil registration, process of granting permits, inspection procedures, etc.);

  • Representation in administrative disputes.

Commercial Law:

  • Status-related matters;

  • Representation in insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy proceedings, composition proceedings, winding-up procedures, removal from register procedures, pursuit of claims, applying the rights to separate settlement and rights of exclusion);

  • Representation in economic disputes;

  • Drawing up contracts in the field of commercial law.

Labor Law and Social Security Law:

  • Representation in proceedings at labor and social courts;

  • Drawing up contracts and other agreements;

  • Counseling at termination of employment;

  • Exercising rights in the field of social assistance and social security.

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